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Affordable Glendale DUI Lawyers – Glendale DUI Lawyer Payment Plans

Although it’s essential to have an experienced Glendale DUI attorney on your side, hiring a private criminal defense lawyer can be a significant cost.  In addition, the current economy has left a lot of Arizona residents with little or no savings.  In an attempt to alleviate this burden My AZ Legal Team offers affordable flat fees and flexible payment plans for most drunk driving charges.  It’s our belief that everyone should be entitled to the best criminal defense regardless of their finances.

When you retain a criminal defense attorney in Glendale it’s important you have an understanding of the legal fees and court costs prior to signing a fee agreement.  While some DUI lawyers bill hourly, we at My AZ Legal Team offer flat fees that prevent any unanticipated costs in your case.  Our DUI payment plans include an initial down payment and the rest in monthly installments. At My AZ Legal Team an attorney will carefully review the retainer agreement with you and will list any anticipated costs such as expert witnesses, investigators, court reports, and the legal fees and costs associated with going to trial.  Most important we will create a payment plan that is in accordance with your budget and income schedule.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Glendale Arizona DUI lawyer?

Our Glendale DUI attorneys are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with an instant quote regarding your DUI or DWI charge.  Our fees often meet or beat our competitors’ rates.

How Can I Pay for My Glendale DUI Defense Fees?

We accept most forms of payment including credit card, check, cash, money order, and certified funds.

Although the cost of hiring a DUI lawyer in Glendale Arizona is significant, the consequences of a DUI conviction are far worse.  If you are convicted of a DUI you are likely facing jail/prison time, large fines, and loss of your driving privileges.  We cannot guaranty any results or even that hiring a DUI lawyer will give you a better result, but we can promise to thoroughly examine your case and aggressively present any relevant legal or factual issues.

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